A Tentative Leap into Blogging!

Let the Journey Begin!

Hello You!

Since this is my first attempt at blogging, I thought I would give you some insight as to what I hope this gentle foray into social media might offer you, the precious reader that stumbles across it.

The idea of blogging has been playing on my mind for a few years now but my innate British conservatism kept on butting in with the niggling self doubt that maybe blogging was a little too much like self promotion for a modest Home Counties girl….

And then I had a slow simmering realisation: forget the modesty and conservatism…blogging could be a great tool to communicate some of the wonderful evidence based strategies and insights I’ve learnt as a counselling and organisational psychologist to others. People who just like me are coping in this crazy rush hour of life but have a feeling a little tweaking could provide something extra: a bigger smile at the beginning of the each morning; a deeper appreciation of the joyful moments peppered throughout the day and a sense of hope in realising long held dreams, that at times seem firmly wedged in between the cracks of a well trodden pavement called “How on earth did I end up here? And come to think of it where am I heading?”

But it’s not just the psych stuff that percolates through. Add in a fair mix of life experience as a perpetually late but well meaning mother of three, a wife of a wonderfully tolerant but slightly bemused husband and a worrying obsession with reality TV and it’s looking a little less like immodesty and more like a slice of life intertwined with some bloody good psychological science.

I do hope you can join me. There will be an eclectic mix of baffled observations on life, some common sense, some pleading for perspective, some great user friendly psychological tips to improve your life at work, in relationships with those you hold dear and those you have to tolerate and most importantly your relationship with yourself.

Stay in touch

Lizzie x


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